Friday, 10 June 2016

Compassionate appointment G.Os

Compassionate appointment

Compassionate Appointments for Dependents of Government Employees who died or retired on medical invalidation.

 Application and G.Os

Compassionate Appointment Application
Employees appointed on Compassionate Appointments – Inter local cadre transfers
Deceased employees working in recognized aided institutions
Compassionate appointments to the dependants of Government employees who retire on medical invalidation
Compassionate appointment of son/daughter/spouse of Government employee who retire from service on medical grounds
Compassionate Appointments who retire on Medical Grounds relaxation on left over 5yrs service GO.182 dt.22.05.2014
Compassionate appointments to the deceased employees working in recognized aided institutions
Revival of Compassionate appointment on Medical Grounds G.O 661 Dt. 23.10.2008


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